Carefully applied details like the hand-crafted red accent stitching on the high-back seat and the built-in, fold-away beverage caddy give the Gatsby the refinements that a luxury vehicle is appreciated for. An easy-adjust steering column and dual-option finger/thumb controls provide variables for the perfect fit. The locking front hood safely stores your valuables. The Gatsby was designed for those who indulge in the luxury provided by an array of enhanced amenities.

The Gatsby features a "Trunk in the Front" Lock and Key Storage

Integrated Beverage Caddy for Refreshment On-the-Go

Chrome Plated Rear View Mirrors with Light-Touch Ball Swivel Adjustment

High Back Seat with Forewards/Aft Adjustment

Seat Rotation Auto-Locks in Place Every 45 Degrees

Height, Width, and Angle Adjustable Armrests

Height Adjustable Headrest

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